Posted by: According to Accordions | April 8, 2008

The Overpopulation Story

Overpopulation, scary.

The greatest problem facing mankind is a baby. Times a million, billion, and, perhaps, eventually a trillion. Popularized by stories in China and “one-child” law nations, a booming population growth threatens the world’s economy, environment, and infrastructure. Is it something to fear, or does its inevitability remove all pretext of pessimism?

Thomas Malthus proposed an ultimatum: mankind will perish unless reduced by war, famine, or disease. Currently, not too many wars lower human numbers, and certainly not at a decimation scale. But daily, talk of lowering water tables in the bread basket of America and stymied food supplies in Africa emanate from radios and magazines. Honestly, though, I think man is apathetic, or at least unaffected by the news?

Overpopulation accounts for many problems of the world (I had to be vague there). To some, like me, an endless fatalism shrouds any morsel of hope; we can’t fix this problem. We can not fix the urge to reproduce; we can not fix technological advances and marvels; we will not say, “We will eliminate you and you and you” or deny human life. The uneducated ten member family patriarchs are not to blame. All of us, in wanting a child, have produced a bag of meat that thrives on water and food, and we ourselves as consumers do not aid the predicament much.

But overpopulation seems so…isolated. Food stocks the shelves at Walmart, and water is plentiful in bottles. Occasionally, glimpses of a tattered future, such as a dwindling water supply in Georgia, reveal themselves with the coming of natural disasters. Most people live in sheltered microcosms. In a community or neighborhood, one does not realize that six billion other men and women exist on islands, mountains, and other continents.

Yet, Malthus stated a need to preserve nature and to diversify and explore methods of farming was necessary. I believe this is the ultimatum: unless humans expand beyond the Earth, forests and oceans must be invaded to provide acres of food production. Especially living in a luxurious lifestyle, our growing needs should be satisfied, at the cost of the world.

Heck, I may be a bit pessimistic, but the numbers and facts exist, and the news fails to reassure me.

Land, food, and the preservation of the world. That is what I want to hear.



  1. “We can not fix the urge to reproduce”

    No, but we can get vasectomies…

  2. Wow Makoto. That’s borderline Bernard.

    As for the article though, amazingly written. One note though. The sentence:

    “I believe this is the ultimatum: unless humans expand beyond the Earth, forests and oceans”

    reads at first glance as a list.

    Oh, and although being a strong Overpopulation Theory supporter, the “not enough food argument”
    is quite useless. The U.S. alone could feed 75%+ of the world (according to O’Rourke in All the Trouble in the World).

  3. I think your article was right on target, and very graphic. Check out my article “The Last Great Hurrah” (under Thoughts)@ my website:

    It’s too long to post.

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